DTOM Concealed Carry Fanny Pack


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Tired of looking for the perfect carry bag?  This is what you need.  This Concealed Fanny Pack has a special pocket for your gun and pockets for magazines.

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Product Description

The Concealed Carry Fanny Pack is perfect for just that, carrying a concealed weapon.  Whether you are a cop or not does not matter, it still serves the same purpose.  The front zip pocket has two holsters so depending on if you are right or left handed.  The extra pockets on the side can hold ammo, extra clips, money, or a cell phone.  There is also a spot on the belt where you can clip a pocket knife.

Made out of a tough nylon, this fanny pack is very durable and can hold some weight.  You don’t want people to know that you are ‘packing’.  This fanny pack is very discreet when it comes to that.  No one will ever know that you have a gun in that pack.

Made for man and woman alike, this fanny pack will keep you in style while you are protecting you and your family.  These days you can never be to careful.



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