I Don’t Get It Folks!

I Don’t Get It Folks!

We as Americans have a civil duty to stand beside our fellow Americans. When it comes to us defending our Second Amendment Rights it should not be any different. I understand why everyone is upset, I have heard all of the news. Seems like every time you turn the television on it is always about gun related violence. The problem we seem to be facing is one where the people we have elected to keep our best interests at heart are selling us out.

Our Civic Duty.

You know we all say that ‘what has the government done for the people’? I think the real question should be what has the people done for the people? As Americans we are the ‘dictator’ over the government. If anyone is to blame for all the bad that has happened, it is us. Why? Well, because of our Civic Duty. It is telling our children about Lady Liberty, it is us standing up for our Lady Liberty, and last but not least it is paying homage and being true to our Constitution. That is our Civic Duty. So, We The People need to take a stand and be true to our Constitution. What has happened to us? I will tell you, it is our Nation’s leaders. That is who it is. What can we do? I know what we do not do, we do not give up, we do not sit back and expect someone else to fight our battles for us, this is what we do not do.

Let Us Keep What Is Ours.

We need to protect our civic duty and Lady Liberty as well. We do not need to let them take our guns away from us. This is the only means of ‘protection’ that we have left. What else are they going to try to take away from us? When are we going to say OK, enough is enough?

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